My mission as your senator is to provide Minnesota’s kids with the education they deserve. Our schools are incredibly underfunded. We know that in order to ensure every student in our state gets a quality education, we have to support our public school system.

With more than $9 billion in surplus revenue, Minnesota has the resources to support schools across the state. We can care for our students by supporting the things we know make a difference - better access to mental health services, caring and competent staff in every classroom and every school building, and resources to help every student learn and thrive.

As a current teacher in the public school system, my experience in the classroom will guide my decisions. I am able to advocate for students and families in a way that others cannot. As your senator, I will fight for early education programs, fully funding special education, robust mental health access for students and educators, and push for more resources for students and families inside and outside of the classroom.


I believe Minnesotans should receive an education without the burden of crushing debt when they graduate.

College tuition is rising at historic rates. Meanwhile, wages for new college graduates remain at a level that barely meets the cost of living. As a result, the student loan debt burden is growing to dangerous levels and threatening our economy and young people’s future.

If we do nothing about student loan debt, then the collective burden of student loan debt will contribute to lower homeownership rates, less small business development, and slower economic growth. In addition, the effects of student loan debt negatively impact the lives of borrowers, essentially trapping them in an almost hopeless financial situation.

As your senator, I support reducing existing student loan payments and expanding education grants for families who qualify. I will also work to advance programs in trade and technical training, apprenticeships, and skilled career paths.

Workers' Rights

Unions promote dignity and fairness in the workplace. Unions help revitalize our economy and democracy by strengthening the middle class.

Raising the standard of living to ensure Minnesotans have access to a decent education, good-paying jobs, affordable childcare, full healthcare coverage, housing, and senior services is the right thing to do.

As a senator, I look forward to collaborating with labor groups and workers. I support programs for Minnesota families that reduce the cost of childcare and early education.


Americans have the highest healthcare spending in the world and Minnesota families feel this. The amount families pay for premiums, co-pays, prescriptions, and their deductible - it’s too much.

Minnesota families should not have to stress over medical bills when they should be focused on getting healthy. Replacing our current system would allow some financial freedom and stability. Expanding healthcare coverage in Minnesota would provide uniform, comprehensive, affordable coverage to people of all income levels.

Environment protection

Climate change is an immediate threat to Minnesota, and we must work together in order to build a more sustainable future for our state. Natural resources aren’t limitless and need to be protected for future generations. It’s frustrating to see climate action being polarized with politics when we all need clean air and water.

Green energy jobs also make sense for our economy. Distributors, installers, and fabricators of renewable energy equipment are direct beneficiaries of clean energy policies across the country. They represent more than 62,000 Minnesotans who rely on a strong clean energy policy to provide stability to the renewable market and promote long-term growth.

I will work to protect and restore our water, farmland, and resources. I believe there is common ground with many groups when it comes to protecting our environment. As the granddaughter of a farmer and the wife of an avid hunter and angler, agriculture and hunting are industries that depend on clean water and soil to survive. We can all work to make sure our planet and its resources are protected and strengthen our economy while we do it.

Public Safety

I believe we should fund public safety needs. My grandpa was a state trooper, I know how stressful law enforcement jobs can be. I also know that we can do better to protect and serve Minnesotans. I support proven prevention strategies that disrupt criminal activity, stop violence and improve overall public safety. This includes support and early intervention for teenagers, families, and communities. Policing policies should be accountable to the community it serves.

Legalize Marijuana

Responsible marijuana smokers should not be treated as criminals.

I believe adults can use marijuana responsibly. If we regulate recreational marijuana the way we do alcohol, tobacco, and sports gambling, then Minnesota will take in more tax revenue, save law enforcement dollars, and create new jobs.

Reproductive Justice

I believe Minnesotans should be able to make their own reproductive decisions. I will protect reproductive freedom and choice for Minnesotans. Recent bills and laws in other states are stripping women of their right to choose and are inspiring Minnesota Republicans to propose similar plans. That ends when we win.

LGBTQ+ Justice

I am passionate about fairness and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

In Vadnais Heights, our community has been asking for the establishment of a Human Rights Commission for over two years. After being turned down by conservative council members over and over, we realized we need to elect more people to office who care about a community where all people are valued and respected. This work was part of my inspiration to run for office. Our senate district needs a change from the hateful rhetoric and divisiveness our current leadership represents.

As a lawmaker, I will work to create a more inclusive and supportive community for LGBTQ+ folks. In schools, sports, the workplace, and anywhere else we see discrimination - I will fight for your rights and freedom. Recent GOP-sponsored bills are an example of extremism meant to exclude and divide. These bills do not accurately reflect our Minnesota values.


Veterans deserve to be treated with dignity. We need to use more than words to express our gratitude for their sacrifice and service. As your senator, I will work with lawmakers and community groups to end veteran homelessness. I support measures that would end discriminatory housing policies as well as eliminate barriers to affordable housing for veterans. Moreover, the majority of veterans experiencing homelessness in Minnesota have experienced trauma. We need to increase state funding for mental health services in our veteran population.